Hi everyone! I’m a real collector: cinema tickets, old letters, my mom’s jewellery…  The broadest of my collections is without doubt my collection of postcards. Whenever I go on a holiday I buy some postcards to hang them on my wall. Since recently I also collect greeting cards, so I always have some cards in hand when it’s someone’s birthday or when I just want to wish a friend good luck. A little different from most of the cards I own are these new ones from the online shop Bitterkaartje, founded by a Dutch girl. Apart from greeting cards, you can also find balloons, posters and tote bags, all characterized by their comic and often sarcastic text. To be honest, I wouldn’t send these to my grandma, but I can not wait until one of my friends is pregnant so I can send her a card saying ‘Congratulations on your temporarily huge boobs’ or ‘A mini version of you two! How’s that even legal?’!

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Travel in style: the wishlist

Hi everyone! I just got back from my trip to Paris and once again I realized that I have a love-hate relationship with packing suitcases. Although traveling is my favourite thing to do, deciding what to take with me and trying to create outfits that are comfortable without making me look like a tourist can make me a bit stressful. That’s why I decided to make a list of a few items you can take with you on a holiday, items that are both stylish and convenient. Enjoy!

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Summer vacation has finally started and most of the time the weather has been really nice here in Belgium. However, as I’m on the train writing this blog post on my way home from work I can see how the sky has gradually changed colour and turned grey. Rain is coming. I have always had a love-hate relationship with rain, like most people probably have. Watching a movie under a blanket with the sound of the rain drops ticking on the window can make me feel really relaxed after a long, stressful day and whenever there is a storm I like to open my window so I can hear the thunder better. But when I’m outside or on a city trip I prefer a bright sky and sunshine over everything. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I will be studying in the United Kingdom for a semester, starting this September (more about this later !). While most of my friends will spend their time in the sunny South of France, I will be conquering the rain almost daily. Then a good rain coat isn’t a luxury.

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Hi everyone! This week was quite tiring since I had my first exam on Monday. Coming home from my dorm room in Ghent yesterday to find a package containing this phone case made me feel much better. This week, Case Company launched a new concept called ‘CityMarble‘: you can now have a map of your favourite city printed on your phone case! Of course I chose to have a map of Ghent printed on my IPhone, since Ghent has started to feel like home for me over the past two years that I have been studying and living there. Also, I thought it would be nice to have something familiar with me when I’m studying abroad next semester. What’s nice about this is that you can mark your favourite places in your city on your map. I wanted to do this, but I have so many favourite places in Ghent that it would be impossible to choose from, haha. Be sure to check out Case Company’s website! You can make your own personalized phone case (or find other phone and laptop cases, believe me, they are all so nice!) via this link.

To all of you who have exams, I wish you a lot of luck! We can do this. xoxo

2x breakfast inspiration

Hi everyone, long time no see! Exams are starting in two weeks so at the moment I try to be as productive as possible each day to save the semester. My grades are extra important this year since I’m studying abroad next year! I’ll definitely tell you more about this, since it’s something I’m very excited about. Although during the exams the temptation to eat lots of unhealthy food can be very high, I try to avoid this. Today I want to share with you two of my favourite breakfast recipes. Both of them are very healthy and easy to prepare.

When I’m at home I like to have oats as breakfast. These are incredibly nutritious, very filling and great if you want to lose weight. I always use plant based milk when I make oatmeal for breakfast. My favourite is just simple soy milk (if you live in Belgium, go get the one from Aldi!), in my opinion this tastes way better than cow milk, plus it’s nice to know that no animals have suffered for my meal. As an oatmeal can get quite boring I like to add some toppings. My favourites are frozen raspberries, fresh strawberries, almonds, banana or blueberries. What I always do is adding one teaspoon of coconut oil. This adds healthy fats and makes the oats more creamy. A pinch of cinnamon gives this breakfast some extra flavour, too.

Last Sunday I wanted to make my oatmeal extra “fancy” so I added just a little bit of melted chocolate as an extra topping. I can tell you, this was delicious! If you’re vegan you can opt for cocoa powder, which also goes very well with the oats.

Although oats really don’t take a long time to prepare (around 5min in total, depending on how many effort you put in making your breakfast #instaproof, haha), sometimes I don’t have the time for this. At days like this I will usually go for a smoothie. People who know me a bit will know that I’m a huuuge smoothie addict. My favourite recipe contains the following ingredients:

1 banana
1 cup of oats
soy milk or almond milk
2 dates
a pinch of cinnamon

See, this recipe is so simple! Another great combination is strawberries, some greek yoghurt and coconut milk. If you want to make your smoothie extra healthy: add spinach or kale. But make sure to try out some new recipes! You’ll find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. Be sure to let me know your favourite combination!

What is your favourite breakfast? let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Chloé

Getting ready for summer with Hunkemoller

Hi guys! Vandaag blog ik uitzonderlijk nog even in het Nederlands. Binnen een weekje al neem ik samen met mijn ouders en zus het vliegtuig naar Kreta. #excited! Toen Hunkemöller mij vroeg of ik iets wou uitkiezen uit hun assortiment van swimwear, hoefde ik geen twee keer na te denken. Zoals je ziet op de foto, is het deze felroze bikini geworden. I’m in love! Lees zeker verder als je benieuwd bent wat mij aansprak aan deze bikini en hoe ik van plan ben deze te combineren op het strand.

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Purple Crystal Necklace

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Today I have another webshop to share with you. Glidz is an online shop where you’ll find necklaces, bracelets and earrings, most of them made of natural materials. This week I was lucky to receive one of their products in my mailbox and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts and pictures with you. Keep on reading if you’re interested in this recently founded brand and in how I will style my new necklace.

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On Wednesdays we wear pink

Hi everyone! Last week we had some beautiful weather in Belgium which, although I absolutely love Winter, always instantly makes me feel happier. This was the perfect opportunity to finally wear my new pink bomber jacket I bought recently in the sales at H&M. The price was reduced to €12, so a real bargain! The dress I’m wearing is a black T-shirt dress from Pull&Bear, I combined it with a pair of fishnet tights (Asos) and a pair of Dr. Martens inspired booties (Pull&Bear). Lastly, I’m also wearing a silver stars and moon necklace from H&M.

love, Chloé

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#OOTD: Big blogger date, Ghent

Hi everyone! I feel like it has been ages since I wrote my last blog post. Due to exams I had no time at all to write or even take outift pictures. But now those two horrible months of studying are over, I finally have time to work out all the ideas I’ve got in my head.  Since the new semester started today, I’m back at my dorm room in Ghent which means it’s time to look for hotspots and go to cool events again. One of those hotspots is Madam Bakster. Madam Bakster is a guiltfree and vegan bakery that recently opened it’s first branch in Ghent. I was really excited when I heard about the opening so I was beyond happy when blogger Hanne from Hannewhale organized a big blogger date at Madam Bakster.

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A ‘Chaud’ winter with Flâneur

It’s going to be a cold, cold Christmas… Yesterday was the 21st of December which means that it’s officially Winter! I am enjoying my favourite season to the fullest by visiting some Christmas markets in my neighbourhood, drinking lots of hot cocoa and decorating my house and dorm room while having  Jingle Bells stuck in my head all day.  And not to forget: wearing furry coats and cosy sweaters, such as this navy one from the brand Flâneur. This Ghent-based brand was founded only a few months ago and I’m a fan already. Keep on reading, because at the moment a part of the price you pay for a T-shirt or sweater goes to a good cause that fights against child labour!

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