#sundaysharing: Billie Rose in Ghent

Hi guys! First of all: Happy New Year! I can’t believe the first week of this new year is already over. 2019 will be a special year for me, since this is the year that I will (hopefully) graduate from university, which is both exciting (so many possibilities!) and frightening, as I will have to make some serious life decisions. My resolutions for 2019? Enjoying my last months as a student (although there’s a chance I might start another course after this one) in Ghent. I feel like in the past couple of months a lot of new cafes, restaurants, coffee bars and independent shops opened in Ghent, so I’m excited to get to know some of them. But I’m also aware of the fact that there are sooo many nice places that I haven’t been to yet. That’s why I decided to start a new sort of “category” on this blog, which I decided to call #sundaysharing. Every once in a while, I would like to share with you a place that I discovered and really liked, or a place that is a favourite of mine and which I want to tell you more about. This Sunday’s share is Billie Rose in Ghent.

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Why the summer of 2018 was a special one for me

The warm weather we had this October has not made it easy to get into the “autumn spirit”, but I’m not complaining. Autumn and winter are still my favourite seasons, but the summer of 2018 was a very special one for me for several reasons, so I’m not quite ready to let that go yet. For the first time in my university career, I passed all of my exams so I had three longs months of vacation. In other words: plenty of time to travel! And that is exactly what this post is all about: my travels of July, August, and September 2018.

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Amsterdam hotspot: Pluk

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago I made a little trip to the Netherlands, to meet up with some girls I got to know in England last term. The plan was to meet in Amsterdam, have lunch together and visit the Rijksmuseum and then, in the evening, take the train to Utrecht. One of my Dutch friends has a place in Utrecht so the five of us could stay there. I arrived quite early with the coach  bus in Amsterdam, so I decided to look for a nice place to have breakfast, since the others hadn’t arrived yet. I had seen and heard a lot about Pluk, a breakfast- and lunch spot in the centre of the city.

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I visited ‘the prettiest village in England’

The final days of my Erasmus in England could not have been more perfect: together with some friends I made a 4-day trip to Bristol, Bath, and Oxford. Besides those three, we wanted to see a part of the countryside, so we decided to visit a village part of the Cotswolds. I had often seen pictures of a village called Castle Combe (thanks to the Instagram feed of @alixelay), situated on the Southern edge of the Cotswolds region. On the second day of our trip, we booked an Uber and left for what I would remember as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

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My favourite places to eat in Canterbury

Although three and a half months seemed like a really long time before I left my hometown behind to start my ‘erasmus adventure’, as I like to call it, time has passed so quickly and I can hardly believe it’s almost time to go home. During my time in Canterbury I spent a lot of time just wandering around in the city, stopping for a coffee and a cake now and then (or, as I’m in England, a ‘cream tea’) and I would often get up early to have breakfast at one of the many coffee houses. Like this, I discovered some really nice places which I would like to show to you.

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Erasmus update: How’s life in England?

I can’t believe my last blog post was published on September 11, more than two months ago! As you may know, I’m studying in England at the moment. On the fifteenth of September I arrived with a lot of suitcases, feeling nervous yet excited, in the beautiful Canterbury, where I have been spending the past two months and a half. I feel like the time has passed so quickly and so many things have happened, so I wanted to look back at it for a moment and write a blog post about how I have experienced my ‘Erasmus adventure’ so far. So if you’re curious to know how I’m doing at the moment and how I spend my time in Canterbury, keep on reading!

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Travel in style: the wishlist

Hi everyone! I just got back from my trip to Paris and once again I realized that I have a love-hate relationship with packing suitcases. Although traveling is my favourite thing to do, deciding what to take with me and trying to create outfits that are comfortable without making me look like a tourist can make me a bit stressful. That’s why I decided to make a list of a few items you can take with you on a holiday, items that are both stylish and convenient. Enjoy!

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Hi everyone! This week was quite tiring since I had my first exam on Monday. Coming home from my dorm room in Ghent yesterday to find a package containing this phone case made me feel much better. This week, Case Company launched a new concept called ‘CityMarble‘: you can now have a map of your favourite city printed on your phone case! Of course I chose to have a map of Ghent printed on my IPhone, since Ghent has started to feel like home for me over the past two years that I have been studying and living there. Also, I thought it would be nice to have something familiar with me when I’m studying abroad next semester. What’s nice about this is that you can mark your favourite places in your city on your map. I wanted to do this, but I have so many favourite places in Ghent that it would be impossible to choose from, haha. Be sure to check out Case Company’s website! You can make your own personalized phone case (or find other phone and laptop cases, believe me, they are all so nice!) via this link.

To all of you who have exams, I wish you a lot of luck! We can do this. xoxo



Gisteren liet ik jullie al dag 1 van onze citytrip naar Parijs zien, vandaag volgt dag 2. Op de tweede dag brachten we onze tijd voornamelijk door in de buurt van de wijk Sant-Germain-des-Prés. Rond de middag gingen we richting het 3e arrondissement omdat ik gelezen had dat zich daar een goede tacobar bevindt. We sloten onze dag af met een paar uurtjes shoppen in de buurt van Galeries Lafayette om omstreeks 18u alweer de trein naar huis te nemen.

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