Summer vacation has finally started and most of the time the weather has been really nice here in Belgium. However, as I’m on the train writing this blog post on my way home from work I can see how the sky has gradually changed colour and turned grey. Rain is coming. I have always had a love-hate relationship with rain, like most people probably have. Watching a movie under a blanket with the sound of the rain drops ticking on the window can make me feel really relaxed after a long, stressful day and whenever there is a storm I like to open my window so I can hear the thunder better. But when I’m outside or on a city trip I prefer a bright sky and sunshine over everything. As you may have seen on my Instagram, I will be studying in the United Kingdom for a semester, starting this September (more about this later !). While most of my friends will spend their time in the sunny South of France, I will be conquering the rain almost daily. Then a good rain coat isn’t a luxury.

I am so lucky to have found a rain coat that will perfectly keep me dry but is also fashionable and matches my personal style. The jacket is from the brand RAINS, a Danish rainwear company. This well-known brand offers waterproof outerwear, bags and accessories and finds its inspiration by Scandinavian weather and design heritage. I got it via a dutch web shop “Hip in de Regen”. The aim of Leida Groot, the owner of the web shop, is to offer qualitative but stylish rain coats and say for ever goodbye to those horrible shapeless ones people tend to buy last minute on vacation or on a festival.

Now, about the coat: the model I chose is the Curve Jacket in black, which is inspired by the trench coat. RAINS is probably most known for their classic yellow jacket, which I also adore, but I think this one is easier to combine with various outfits. Plus, I feel very feminine and classy when wearing it due to the tie belt at the waist. Of course the coat is perfectly waterproof and what I like most about it is the lightness of it. You can very easily fold it and put it in your bag when the sun shows up.

As I already said, I got my rain coat via I would suggest having a look here if you’re looking for a rain coat. The customer service is so nice! I got an answer to my questions very fast and the jacket was delivered perfectly on time. That’s how we want it! 😉

This rain coat will certainly come in hand next semester when I’m spending my semester in the UK. Be sure to check out Hip in de Regen’s web shop here.

xoxo, Chloé

** This is a sponsored blog post. I find it very important to always be honest on my blog so al opinions are mine and I only collaborate with brands that fit with my personal style.



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