Leopard skirt

Hi everyone! The past couple of days have been extremely busy for me as the new school year started on Monday. Last Saturday I came back from an amazing trip to Bali and the jet lag clearly affected my body more than I was expecting. This, plus the fact that my time table isn’t fixed yet made it quite of a stressful week for me. Today, however, is a Sunday, a day to de-stress and relax, and do one of the things I like the most: writing for my blog! Today’s blog post is all about an outfit I want to share with you.

I bought this leopard skirt at Clouds of Fashion (Ghent’s cutest boutique and my workplace, lucky me!), and I’m in love with it! I have always been a fan of the leopard print, but I feel like it can be a bit tricky to style. I like the combination of this print with an all black outfit, so that’s what I decided to go for. I am wearing the skirt with a black turtleneck and a pair of chelsea boots, an outfit that was perfect for the month of September. As the days are getting colder, I would change the turtle neck for a black knitted jumper.

The photos are taken by Naomi, who is the photographer at Clouds of Fashion. I’ve always loved the style of the pictures that she takes, so I was really excited when we decided to go shooting together in Ghent. I don’t have any experience with fashion shoots, but Naomi gave me a lot of instructions on how to pose, in what direction to look, etc. I really like how the pictures turned out and I’m looking forward to our next shoot! Make sure to check out Naomi’s Instagram page to have a look at her other work as well.


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