Amsterdam hotspot: Pluk

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago I made a little trip to the Netherlands, to meet up with some girls I got to know in England last term. The plan was to meet in Amsterdam, have lunch together and visit the Rijksmuseum and then, in the evening, take the train to Utrecht. One of my Dutch friends has a place in Utrecht so the five of us could stay there. I arrived quite early with the coach  bus in Amsterdam, so I decided to look for a nice place to have breakfast, since the others hadn’t arrived yet. I had seen and heard a lot about Pluk, a breakfast- and lunch spot in the centre of the city.

“Am I in heaven?!” – was what I thought when I first entered the place. At Pluk you can not only get healthy smoothie bowls and delicious lunch, they also have a range of interior and lifestyle products for sale. In other words: a combination of two things I really like!

Pluk is probably most known for their unicorn smoothiebowl. A smoothie made of banana and strawberry topped of with chia seeds, fruits, granola, a flower and a cone, which makes the bowl look like a unicorn! Now I’m not really a big fan of this unicorn hype that seems to exist nowadays, but this is just too cute.

In their shop you can buy homeware like mugs, plates, and bowls to use for your home made breakfasts, but also planners, notebooks and postcards. They also have an online shop, so if you’re not able to go to Amsterdam, you can order their products online.

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