#sundaysharing: Billie Rose in Ghent

Hi guys! First of all: Happy New Year! I can’t believe the first week of this new year is already over. 2019 will be a special year for me, since this is the year that I will (hopefully) graduate from university, which is both exciting (so many possibilities!) and frightening, as I will have to make some serious life decisions. My resolutions for 2019? Enjoying my last months as a student (although there’s a chance I might start another course after this one) in Ghent. I feel like in the past couple of months a lot of new cafes, restaurants, coffee bars and independent shops opened in Ghent, so I’m excited to get to know some of them. But I’m also aware of the fact that there are sooo many nice places that I haven’t been to yet. That’s why I decided to start a new sort of “category” on this blog, which I decided to call #sundaysharing. Every once in a while, I would like to share with you a place that I discovered and really liked, or a place that is a favourite of mine and which I want to tell you more about. This Sunday’s share is Billie Rose in Ghent.

Billie Rose is the place to be if you’re looking for fashionable items, unique interior things, or some beautiful jewelry. And the best thing about it? Besides shopping or getting inspired by their collections, you can also enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake or start your Sunday with a drink and some dips. Billie Rose opened its doors back in September 2017, and it’s owned by the super friendly Noor and Wolf. On their website I read that Noor found her inspiration in Amsterdam, her favourite city, and carefully picks brands that are unique because of their minimalistic design. Wolf, Noor’s brother, is the one who takes care of the cafe section of the shop.

What I really like about this place is its interior. The atmosphere of this place is so calming and inspiring! I talked about this with the owner, Noor, and she told me this is exactly what they were going for. I came for a coffee in the morning on my own, but Billie Rose also seems like the perfect place to catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. I’ll definitely return here!

Billie Rose’s website


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