Hi everyone! I’m a real collector: cinema tickets, old letters, my mom’s jewellery…  The broadest of my collections is without doubt my collection of postcards. Whenever I go on a holiday I buy some postcards to hang them on my wall. Since recently I also collect greeting cards, so I always have some cards in hand when it’s someone’s birthday or when I just want to wish a friend good luck. A little different from most of the cards I own are these new ones from the online shop Bitterkaartje, founded by a Dutch girl. Apart from greeting cards, you can also find balloons, posters and tote bags, all characterized by their comic and often sarcastic text. To be honest, I wouldn’t send these to my grandma, but I can not wait until one of my friends is pregnant so I can send her a card saying ‘Congratulations on your temporarily huge boobs’ or ‘A mini version of you two! How’s that even legal?’!

Bitterkaartje is the place to be if you’re looking for a not-so-typical card to send to one of your friends and make them laugh. I definitely would love to receive one of these! And according to me, we could all use some humour in our lives. 😉

Be sure to check out to see all of their products and let me know which one you will choose. 🙂

Love, Chloé

** This is a sponsored blog post. I find it very important to always be honest on my blog so al opinions are mine and I only collaborate with brands that fit with my personal style.

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