Travel in style: the wishlist

Hi everyone! I just got back from my trip to Paris and once again I realized that I have a love-hate relationship with packing suitcases. Although traveling is my favourite thing to do, deciding what to take with me and trying to create outfits that are comfortable without making me look like a tourist can make me a bit stressful. That’s why I decided to make a list of a few items you can take with you on a holiday, items that are both stylish and convenient. Enjoy!

RITUALS PERFUME This miniature bottle of one of Rituals’ perfumes is perfect to carry in your bag when you’re on a holiday. I’m a big fan of their scents, but if you’re looking for something really low budget then Zara has some really nice ones, too.

HAPPY PLUGS EARPHONES I’m a sucker for everything light pink, so I couldn’t resist these. Earphones are especially handy if you’re taking long flights or train rides. What I often do is create a Spotify playlist with songs that remind me of the country I’m travelling to, like I did last week when I travelled to Paris and downloaded some French Jazz playlists. Did you know that Spotify has a bunch of road trip playlists? My personal favourites are ‘New Orleans Brass’ and ‘Transatlantic Lullaby’. You’re welcome. 🙂

PASTEL BLUE MAKEUP BAG It would be smart to, when you’re travelling, only take the essentials when it comes to makeup and skin care products: a good cleanser and day cream, concealer, mascara, brow kit and maybe your favourite lipstick. However, whether I’m at home or exploring another country; I always like to look my best. I really enjoy those daily 30 minutes I spend in front of my mirror so yes, I would choose that extra lipstick that matches with my ‘day 2 outfit’ or my favourite highlighter over an extra pair of jeans. To take with me that little bit more than ‘only the essentials’, this H&M bag will do.

‘BE AWESOME’ HAT When I was in Paris last week, I once again realized how a hat can make the most basic outfit look cute and, not to forget, conceal a bad hair day. I prefer black hats, but this one would look super cute with a white summer dress and a pair of espadrilles.

ZARA BAG WITH METALLIC HANDLES This bag, clearly inspired by Chloé’s trending Nile bag, is regular sized, which means it probably fits a camera, wallet, some makeup essentials and your phone. This is my favourite size of a bag to carry a whole day since it’s not too large but large enough to fit the essentials.

KIMONO WITH TIGER PRINT When you’re travelling with friends or family it will often occur that you will have to share the bathroom with a few persons. Then you don’t want to be the one who spends way to long doing her makeup or fixing her hair. What I mostly do is taking a small mirror with me so I can do my makeup outside of the bathroom. I usually like to pick out my outfit after I did my makeup and hair, so at home I like to stay in my underwear when doing this. That is why in a shared hotel room a kimono would come in hand. Kimonos are a lot lighter than bathrobes which makes them perfect to take when travelling. And can we just have a moment to appreciate this blue one from Etam?

TRAVEL SIZE MAKEUP SET This travel size makeup set from H&M has everything you need to do a little touch up during the day and is small enough to carry in your bag.

EMBROIDERED VELVET BUCKET BAG The embroidery trend has been very popular lately and probably will continue to be for a while. Like the Zara bag I mentioned above had the perfect size to carry a whole day, this one is somewhat smaller which makes it the ideal bag to take with you on an evening out.

SLIPPERS WITH SATIN BOW Thanks to Rihanna, slippers like these have been insanely popular, especially dusty pink ones. I had to get used to this trend and although I really like how some people style them, I still wouldn’t wear these outside without feeling a little underdressed. However, when I have been walking all day on holiday I would love to put these on when taking off my shoes in my hotel room!

MINIATURE SIZED MAKEUP REMOVER Just like they have miniature bottles of their perfumes, Rituals sells makeup remover in an adapted size. Because that big bottle of micellar water may take too much place in your suitcase…

MARBLE PORTABLE CHARGER For the marble lovers amongst us, Urban Outfitters is the place to be! If you, like me, like to take pictures of literally every beautiful building you pass, a portable charger is a must-have to prevent your phone battery from dying right at the moment you need it the most.

A NOTEBOOK This pretty notebook is designed by Lilia Kazakova, a sweet girl I know from Instagram and her blog Lily Like. Some time ago, Lilia launched her own stationary collection and it’s to die for! When I’m travelling I always look for some hotspots and handy tips the days before which I write down in a notebook. During my trips I take that notebook with me to write down names of shops, restaurants etc. so I can later share them with you on my blog.

I hope this post may inspire you when you’re packing for your next trip.
What are your travel essentials? Let me know!

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