A ‘Chaud’ winter with Flâneur

It’s going to be a cold, cold Christmas… Yesterday was the 21st of December which means that it’s officially Winter! I am enjoying my favourite season to the fullest by visiting some Christmas markets in my neighbourhood, drinking lots of hot cocoa and decorating my house and dorm room while having  Jingle Bells stuck in my head all day.  And not to forget: wearing furry coats and cosy sweaters, such as this navy one from the brand Flâneur. This Ghent-based brand was founded only a few months ago and I’m a fan already. Keep on reading, because at the moment a part of the price you pay for a T-shirt or sweater goes to a good cause that fights against child labour!

Flâneur is mostly known for their T-shirts and sweaters with ‘Chaud’ on it. This word, meaning ‘warm’ in French, has become very popular in the everyday speech of youngsters lately in Belgium. And that’s exactly the purpose of Dries and Seger, the faces behind the brand: finding words that are popular with teens and young adults to create fashionable collections with a sense of humour. My personal favourite is their white sweater with the words ‘à l’aise’ on it. “Somewhere between elegance and arrogance” is how they describe it. Besides, their products are 100% organic and climate positive, which is a great plus point for me!

I combined my sweater with a black suède skirt, a pair of tights, a black scarf and my beloved Forever21 Chelsea boots.


In Belgium the days before Christmas are by a lot of people associated with ‘De warmste week’ (translated as ‘the warmest week’), the time where Studio Brussel (a well known Belgian radio station) raises funds for a variety of good causes. Flâneur wants to join this by donating a part of the price you pay for a ‘Chaud’ T-shirt or sweater to Dakbhanga, an organisation that fights against child labour.
If you’re interested to see their other products or buy something, you can find their online store at www.flaneurclothing.be

love, Chloé

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