Hi everyone! You probably already noticed it: my blogs looks a bit different. WELCOME TO ROOFTOPS & RUNWAYS! With a new name, and a new lay-out, I want to take a fresh start in the blogging world. Last month I passed my blog’s one year anniversary and since I still enjoy writing articles as much as I did when I started, I decided to take this all somewhat more seriously. That’s why I started looking for a hosting site and buy myself a domain name. So why another blog name? I felt that La Finesse didn’t really represent me or the message I want to pass to my followers. Yes, it’s a beautiful word,  but with the meaning of ‘elegance’ or ‘gracefulness’, what does it say about me? Not much, I think.

Finding a blog name is probably one of the most difficult things about starting a blog so it took me a long time to find something that both looks and sounds good and still will in a few years. When suddenly the name Rooftops & Runways popped into my head, I didn’t have to look further. This name represents my two passions: fashion and travelling. This is also what I want to put the focus on, from now on. Probably I will share some DIY’s, or write some beauty- or food related blog posts every now and then, but the major amount of posts will be about fashion (think: outfits, shopping tips, hotspots) and travel (travel diaries, travel tips, hotspots both in Belgium and abroad…), the two things I’m most interested in. I’m really curious to know what you think about the new name!

Besides the name and the lay-out, there will be one last change: I will be writing in English from now on. For this I have two reasons. The first one is (obviously) to reach a bigger audience and have the chance to meet bloggers from all around the world. The second one is to improve my language skills, since I study English at University. Since I don’t feel like I already write fluently enough, writing blog posts in English would be a challenge which will hopefully help to achieve some of my goals.

I can’t wait to start writing again, since I have a few very exciting ideas in my head. Be sure to let me know what you think about the new blog name and the concept!


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